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Yoga Class Schedule

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Classes are offered virtual and in person.

Class Descriptions
Hardscrabble Club | 22 Sutton Place Brewster, NY

Level 1 Yoga: Discover the foundations of yoga in our Level 1 class, suitable for beginners and those seeking a moderate practice. Explore seated and standing poses, along with Sun A Salutations, to build strength and flexibility.

Monday, 9:30 AM | Thursday 9:30 AM | Saturday 9:00 AM 

Level 2 Yoga: Immerse yourself in a combination of seated and standing poses along with the invigorating sequences of Sun A and Sun B Salutations. This class is designed to deepen your practice, challenging you with more advanced postures while maintaining a mindful and balanced approach.

Monday, 5:30 PM | Tuesday 9:30 AM

Chair Yoga: Explore the benefits of yoga with ease in our Chair Yoga class. Designed to make poses accessible to everyone, this session utilizes a chair as a prop.